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Kangaroos are unique to Australia. They are largest marsupial surviving on earth. They are often found in both arid areas of open plain as well as in the dense forest land. Kangaroo got a pouch to carry baby Kangaroo. They are well known for their movement, hopping on their hind legs whilst using their large muscular tail as for balance. They also use their tail like an extra leg when they are maneuvering around. Kangaroos and Emus cannot walk backwards; for these reason both of them are on the Australian coat of arms. Samantha James is an experienced aboriginal artist. She depicted Kangaroo skillfully in its natural habitat. Samantha belongs to Yorta Yorta language group. She is a self-taught natural artist. She has been painting for many years. Samantha was born in 1974. Her great grandfather, Thomas S. James was a well-known preacher, famous naturopath and he taught at Cummaragunja mission in Victoria, Australia

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