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Reason to Smile

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Woo Hoo!  Great news for the 2020 International Quilt Show featuring the special BEE fabric from Moda!  This year, everyone will be able to view the quilts two ways.  These miniature BEE Quilts will be on display at Moab’s local GALLERY MOAB during the month of October, plus, there will be a slide show presentation on the website.  Remember that this is a Viewer’s Choice Show and Anonymous - no names are included.  Quilt entries are due by September 18, but because of USPS having troubles, if I receive a quilt late there will be no penalties.  Still need the BEE fabric to get you started?  Email asap.  


I received a formal letter from Creative Grids informing all of its dealers that due to the rising cost of acrylic, all rulers will have a price increase.  For some rulers, this has meant an increase of $1.50.  The average increase is $1.00 per ruler.  At this time, the shop is holding the original pricing.  If you remember, Creative Grids had a price increase approximately 1-1/2 years ago.  With the pandemic causing many people to have reduced work hours or no work, I cannot in clear conscience raise the prices.   


I am quite happy to tell everyone about the new EverSewn 1/4 Inch Quilting Foot.  This has a Single Round Hole to ensure that your fabric does not migrate down into the wide slot on the sewing plate.  This usually happens when you are starting a seam.  Hint - Use a starter and ending piece of fabric for all of your seaming.  I got this hint from the Quilting Queen, Eleanor Burns.  The next feature, which is visually helpful, are the RED Measurement Lines on the foot.  So many quilting feet have indentions but they are not colored.  The red markings not only indicate where your needle location is, but also give you the 1/8 and 1/4 inch markings in front of, and the back of, your needle.  Why is this helpful?  Well, if you need to stop stitching 1/4 inch away from the edge of your fabric to pivot or applying bias binding, this line up front tells you exactly where to stop.  I also use the 1/8 inch marking when I am doing my topstitching for clothing.  Love this feature!  I quilt many times in reverse so I do not have to move my fabric, and this is when I use those markings behind the needle.  The next wonderful piece about this foot is that it comes with a Seam Blade so that you may place the cut edge of your fabric right next to it.  It gives you a perfect, non-wobbly seam!  Those who know me, know that I love perfection.  Finally, this foot is a Snap-On foot.  This means that it not only fits EverSewn machines but also Singer, and delightfully my Pfaff!

Product Bundles to get you inspired:

                                         Fall Fat Quarter Bundle
A customer actually picked out these colors for her quilt.  I stole her color combination!  Well, why not - aren't they great together?

Cross-Body Bag from Cut Loose Press because who doesn't need another bag?  I mean, this is a no-brainer!  This sample features Parson Gray Seven Wonders Lei by Free Spirit and Florianna Black by P&B Textiles.  I played with the opposition of the geometric shapes.

Easy Quilts from Precut Fabrics
I get so many questions for patterns that require precuts.  Well, here you go!  Just one that is on the website.

One other thing -

I am escaping this smokey, hot town for a couple of weeks.  Please keep ordering through the website, and I will ship all on September 10.  Thank you for understanding.

Please mail your BEE Quilts in for the show to be terrific.  It is not judged nor juried.  Many of us are feeling disconnected with our sewing friends due to the pandemic, and this is a great way to perk us all up.

As always,
Keep that Needle Moving,

P.S.:  I had a rude awaking when, just recently, a notion's vendor switched its tag line to read, 'Move the Needle.'  Hmmmm.  Wonder where that came from?  No.  I do not believe in coincidences!