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Premier Online Quilt Shop

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Welcome to Moab's Premier Online Quilting and Fabric Retail Shop!

It has been 5-1/2 years since settling in Moab and opening a quilt shop in the very center of town. The brick and mortar shop has come to an end with my landlord wishing to build a strip mall in its place.  I was asked (along with others) to vacate by September 30, 2020.  My plan was to be out by this required date, and the wheels were set into motion for another option.  Then the pandemic hit which caused Moab's small businesses to come to a complete halt (some literally and some figuratively).  

    I physically moved out of the brick shop on June 18.  Assessing all of my business strengths, I realized that it would be an easy switch of turning the shop fully online.  I always had the online Shop as an option for website customers, so I just needed to take more advantage of it.   Again, easy but very time consuming.  The batiks are not entered as yet.  This is probably the only major collection which is not.  Many (well over 1,000) bolts have been added to the originals already online.  Almost every single notion is there, too.  If there is something that you knew I had in the original shop, but you are not seeing it on the website, please let me know so I can figure it out on my end. 

     Here is the fun part!  Starting Tuesday, July 23 through Tuesday, July 30, 2020 a special coupon is being offered to celebrate the new online shop.  Please type ONLINE in the Coupon Section as you checkout to receive $25 off of $100 spent.  You many use this Coupon Code as many times as you wish for this week!   

     Yay!  The shop that you all have come to know and love is not going away!  It just has grown up and matured!

New Mask Supplies Have Arrived
More COVID-19 cases are causing many states to revert back to its citizens wearing masks full time which is causing another mad rush for masks.  Because of this, I have re-supplied the shop.

                                                                1/4 inch Flat White Elastic

SF101B                                              Pellon SF101 Black 100% Cotton Fusible Interfacing

                                              Bosal Fashion-Fuse White Cotton Fusible Interfacing
Note:  The Pellon factory got hit very hard with COVID-19.  It is very behind with shipping White SF101 at this time.  The Bosal, above, is comparable to SF101.  I was very glad to receive this.

Pellon 906F
                                              Pellon 906F White Polyester Fusible Interfacing

                                      Moab and Southwest Patterns
For those of you who cannot travel to beautiful, red rock Moab and its surrounding panoramic area, there are many patterns and kits to help you dream that are here.  These are two examples, but very popular ones!

Native Tunes Pattern                               Native Tunes by Thankfully Sew (15-1/2 x 58 inches)

                                    Prickly Pear and Hummingbird Wall Hanging
                                                     by Charlotte Gary (a local Moab fiber artist!)

Finally, here is a photo of just a small section of the new studio!

Studio #1
 'My Story' is on the It's Sew Moab Facebook page as well as videos.  Please won't you Follow, Like, and Share?  As always,

Keep that needle moving,