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Put in your request, NOW!

A request from It’s Sew Moab LLC

By now, the news probably has filtered down to you that Coats (Coats and Clark) has dropped Westminster Fibers, Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, and Tula Pink.  This is not a rumor.  This is sad, true news.

Conversations with Ron, my rep, lead me to ask you all if there is any fabric that you may need or would like to get before there is no more opportunity.  Ron will do his very best effort to get fabric into the shop for you.  Shipments have been for quite a while, very slow from Coats.  Every effort will be made to get what you may need.  This includes Westminster and the three designers that are mentioned, even though I only carried Westminster and Kaffe in the shop. 

I will need these special requests no later than Tuesday morning, 9:00am!!!  (February 20)

Remember, that there is bolted Kaffe at the shop.  I WILL NOT BE RAISING THE PRICES ON THESE.  Unfortunately, this is happening at other fabric shops.  Last year’s bolts and the newly ordered coming in will still stay priced at $11.99/yard.  The old Kaffe is $10.99/yard.  It saddens me to know that there are businesses out there trying to gouge.  I am thinking of putting a new letter out to list the bolts that I currently have.  Will this help you all?

It is always better to walk into the shop for looking, feeling, and purchasing even for those who live in the outlying areas.  Moab is beautiful this time of year!  For everyone who can’t get a group of quilters/crafters/sewers in a caravan to head to the shop, I will ship the fabric to you!

It is easiest for you to email your requests because then I can see it in writing and there is less confusion for me.

Now you know one of my reasons for the shop not carrying Coats thread, ever!   Give Coats a message that you are not amused, that it‘s not fair that the reps may not get paid for month’s, that you are stuck with a quilt that you can’t finish due to lack of fabric.


See the website for more more fabric and notion options including the new AMAZING BUYS section in the STORE to help get you started.

Thank you for your positive support and making It’s Sew Moab LLC a vital, community small business it was meant to be.  

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