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Stuff Your Stocking 2017! Day 7

It's Sew Moab LLC
It’s Time to Fill those Stockings!

Don’t Stuff that Turkey!  Stuff Your Stocking!  Day 7 - Dec. 15

 Santa’s Elves got confused when they were finding a pen to write their gift tags with.  They picked up my marking pencils instead!  
Those silly Elves!!!

Item #19

Sewline Fabric Pencil

Sewline Fabric Pencil  2 colors:  White or Graphite
Stuff Your Stocking Price:  $8.99/each                  
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Item #20

Sewline Lead

Sewline Fabric Pencil Leads
2 options:  Graphite Leads (6/pack) or
3-Color Variety Pack (3/Black; 3/White; 3/Pink)

Stuff Your Stocking Price:  $4.99/each
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Item #21

FISKARS Micro 2 Inch Blade Scissors

FISKARS Fabric Micro-Tip 2-Inch Blades Scissors
Stuff Your Stocking Price:  $12.99/each
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Just 3 more days of deals coming to your inbox from now until December 18 (shipping on the 19th) for on-line shoppers and until December 22 for walk-in customers. Remember, it’s always free shipping any time of the year.

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Click on any ‘Buy Now Button’ or go to  Click on ‘Shop’, then click on ‘Stuff Your Stocking’ for special pricing.  The rest of the Shop is open for purchases, too!

Holiday Closures:

Saturday, Dec. 23
Christmas Day
Saturday, Dec. 30
New Year’s Day

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