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Charity Sew Day

It's Sew Moab
Charity Sew Day Update

This Thursday, October 27

All Day!  Come in at your convenience.

This is my most favorite day of the month because Charity Sew Day brings the whole community together - tourists and locals alike.  Every pillowcase and quilt that gets stitched stays in Moab and get distributed to the local shelters.  

As of today, there are 13 Pillowcases and 9 Quilts ready to be sewn together and given away.  Please do not think that you cannot contribute because you don't 'sew well.'  Everything is pre-cut!!!  Machines are available at the shop if you do not own one or if you do not wish to move yours from its place.

It is perfectly fine for you to take home a kit and stitch there.  Just bring back the finished Pillowcase or Quilt so that it can be distributed properly.  

Strictly writing to the tourists - there are always machines at the shop for you to use free of charge.  Many of you stitch all day on not only the charity items, but also your own personal projects.  It's so much fun!

I get such a sweet feeling in my heart every time one charitable item is given away!

Thank you for your continued community, neighborly care.  As always,

Keep the needle moving,


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