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So sorry, a draft was sent concerning the new embroidery club instead of the final.  Here is the revision:

There is a new club in town specifically for hand-embroidery.  It's called, "Hooped and Looped!"

Club meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of the month beginning on Wednesday, September 28.  Yearly membership is just $25 and includes monthly embroidery patterns, special links to exclusive Hooped and Looped! videos, and 20% off all embroidery items.

For those who live outside the Moab area and can't attend, no worries.  With the video link, you will always have access to the club.  Free benefits will be sent PDF or snail mail and the 20% on embroidery phone/website orders apply.

For more information and to sign up, please go to the website.  Click on Classes and Events, scroll down to see Hooped and Looped! listed and click again.  You are now on your way!  As always,

Keep the needle moving,