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It Warms the Heart

It's Sew Moab LLC
Opportunities for Sewing Together!

It Warms the Heart

Most important for the shop is CHARITY SEW DAY which is this Thursday, July 21.  This event is growing and it's so wonderful!  In just two months, you all have made over 60 pillowcases for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge!   Whoopee!!!  Please come in anytime and stay to stitch a pillowcase or, like many of you, take some pre-cut ones home and stitch at your convenience.  You all are the backbone of the pillowcase program!  Plus, to all of the tourists who take the time to stitch while vacationing in beautiful Moab, Thank You Very Much!  

Now with regards to all of the quilts that get stitched in one day - well, this is just simply a miracle!  The Moab community is so generous and kind.  With every pillowcase and quilt staying in Moab, it is very moving to see everyone come together to extend warmth and love to those that we may not know.  

Help is needed for this Thursday to stitch together more pre-cut blocks for another beautiful quilt.  For those of you who do not wish to sew but would like to participate, there is always a need for ironing, sorting, cutting batting, and companionship!  Maybe bring some cookies?  

For those who do not realize, all of the pillowcases and quilts are pre-cut.  All that happens on CHARITY SEW DAY is stitching.  So leave your cutters, rulers, and mats at the house and join us at IT'S SEW MOAB LLC anytime throughout the day on Thursday, July 21.

As always, keep the needle moving,